D20 Modern/Future

Years after the first Mars Colony became established, the United Nations Space Command detected large fast moving objects, using a set of long range LIDAR satellites. These objects were later found to be ships that were slowing and correcting their bearing. As the world’s many military forces readied for the incoming wave, several older, more isolated agencies quickly developed “First Wave” tactics. The last of these methods, was the construction of isolated high technology bunkers. Each of these bunkers were isolated and stocked with supplies that would support the men and women who where sent to these bunkers. These bunkers were also equipped with advanced life support equipment, much of it made by the United States Navy.

The attack

The very first wave of the aliens was a set of combat drones that sent viruses, bio agents and other indirect attacks thus weakening the human’s initial resistance. Days later, Mankind responded with Nuclear and fusion warheads, primitive compared to the advanced energy weapons that the aliens had. Most did not reach their targets as the missiles were intercepted. however, enough got though to have an impact. The aliens knew they would have to be on the ground assaulting the humans on their lands, this proved to be even more costly as the humans have always been a master of ground combat, The American Army, the English Royal Marines, the South African VV Corp all make the aliens pay for the land they took. As the advanced tech that the human’s used became unusable they used more basic tactics. Ambushes, Covert strikes and the like were common. As the war with these invaders got worse and worse, the agencies that developed these bunkers gathered its members to the bunkers, some people paid to be added to the roster, some were forced into it. Criminals and the like, But all had some sort of skill set that would have made things in a new world easier.
As the years rolled on, the biological weapons, the viruses that the aliens used on the earth, had a toil. Initially on the human defenders and their defenses, but as soon as the aliens introduced their Organic technology to the earths ecosystem, the aliens slowly lost control of both their self and their tools. Mankind was almost destroyed by both illnesses, and war with the aliens. The modern world become the third world in a short few years.

Government and systems of order

Governments in general were destroyed and or isolated by the sheer number of dead in the cities, rogue units, banditry, and the existing alien forces. Isolated human forces still exist however these units are not as they where before the war. Several units have broken apart in order to cover more and more land. They often act as local lords over a set piece of land. Many times it is common to see an American Infantry squad maintaining watch over a market in a isolated American town.
The American CHAS (Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System) units still exist as they originally did, this is because of their synthetic nature. They can respond to civilian commands assuming that the order is within a military matter, saving helpless civilians and other humanitarian missions are easily with their orders. Some are found disabled and scraped by looters in small military bunkers, the looters no longer able to understand how to repair such a complex machine. Often you can see one or two engaging a Alien hive camp, normally that is enough to destroy such a target. CHAS units also have a support unit called, Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion or AMME. A large cat like robot.
Most larger cities are now too hostile for most people to loot, often mutated bio-warfare systems run the cities. The scavengers often enter the cities anyways to gather canned foods, weapons, fuel, water and other items of interest, such as electronics, mechanical tools and other luxury items. The people who gather these items are rewarded with almost anything they want at a settlement. Often the best items are not sold but kept for themselves, allowing the settlement to have the rest for a price. Selling and buying of these item is based on a barter system. The only places Coined Currency is used in some of the old underground cities, such as New Mara.


Recently people have talked about seeing something in the dark of night up in the sky, some sort of moving box shape in the dark. What they don’t realize is that it was the sky hook that was developed by NASA and ESA. Some of the more connected people see it was a way away from the invaders, the more clueless people see it was a sign from god that the world is about to end. The Sky hook tether station is now a fortress of sorts. that nobody wants to mess with. Mutants of many types call it home and see the tether as a way to spy on their enemies. The human armed forces see it as a tactual necessity to gather, the Mutants of the area see it as a glory relic they must keep, the Scavs see it as a thing to loot.

City of New Mara

The city is one of the largest City-States in the North American sector. It currently has everything that a modern city is supposed to have, however powerful political groups are slowly gathering forces, one in support of Augmentations and the second favoring the purist theology

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