Victoria Crowne

Former international icon, presently out of the loop


Victoria Crowne was an international icon of style. The middle child – & only daughter – of Charles & Elisabeth, she was a smashing success with different demographics than the rest of the family.
While her parents & older brother David all focused on machinery & engineering in various ways, Victoria’s focus was clothing & fashion design. She was very early on – at 18 – a budding designer with many eyes watching her. In her twenty first year, she began opening nightclubs/dayclubs/& lounges across the globe. “Club Victoria”. In most major cities, from Miami to Paris, Tokyo to Sao Paolo, she put down the basic design fitting the backdrop, & in stunning time the club would appear, always breakaway successes.
With her face plastered across many adverts – & her own modeling career furthered by her own creative ventures – Victoria Crowne become another household name (just like her parents & their Crowne Industries, or her older brother & his own breakaway “Crowne W”).
While her younger brother focused on other thing entirely (fresh vegetables & foods) – & even had several of his own installments placed within some of the Victoria Lounges – he was absent from the Crowne Galas of late. (Crowne Gala’s are international affairs held four times a year: January, April, July, October – in a different locale every time). Victoria knows it is just as big as fashion week, & has debuted some of her designs at these.

50 years have passed. When the war began, when she had just turned 25, she was placed in cryogenic stasis. For this entire time she has been perfectly preserved. Waking suddenly, & finding the equally confused Janna standing before her, Victoria knew to find her family. To whatever end.

Victoria Crowne

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